Monday, August 22, 2011

10K...And I'm Not Talking Gold

What happens when you take your eye off your goals for even a minute? You end up like me with a 10K looming in four weeks and being nowhere near prepared for it.

In April after I ran/walked a half marathon I set a new goal to run a 10K this fall. I could already run 3 miles so I figured with 5 months to train it would be a breeze. It would have been if I stayed focused, worked at it and revisited my vision board from time to time to reaffirm why I'm doing it. But I didn't.

Instead, shortly after, I regained a few pounds and noticed that it wasn't as easy to run anymore. Since it was difficult, I started running less and eventually started skipping the gym altogether. Gained a few more pounds then registered for the race two months ago thinking that would motivate me. Nope. I slacked off even more until the other day when I realized the race is now four weeks away.

Having never run six miles in my life, and the farthest being five, which I did one time over 15 years ago, I'm thinking there's not much chance of accomplishing it this go round. Yes, I could/probably will walk some of it, but the goal was to run the entire thing. I know that I can walk 6.2 miles. Now there's no one to be mad at but myself as I sit here having to relose weight I already lost and start almost from the beginning as now I can only run two miles continuously.

Thankfully I'm persistant. I never give up on a goal, which may or not be a good thing sometimes. I will refocus and find a race in the spring along with the half marathon which I hope to run almost all of next year.

"Do or do not. There is no try."

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