Sunday, September 18, 2011


I have two mantras: Focus and Breathe. I use these particularly when running because I often focus on the wrong thing like pain, time moving slowly or my inability to catch my breath. Hence the mantra "Breathe." It's a reminder to myself to check my posture, slow my inhale, etc. and to focus on the goal and how far I've come versus how far I have to go.

I haven't been focusing on much lately and it's time to get back. I Signed up for a 10K months ago and didn't train. Yesterday I showed up actually believing I could run 6.2 miles when I haven't run more than 1 in the past two months and have only run 5 miles once in my life. Yes, it was delusional. And more than that I disappointed myself when I ran the one mile I was able to, took off my timing chip and race number and walked back to the start line not making eye contact with anyone along the route.

It was proof that you get what you give. No effort = no accomplishment. Lesson learned the hard way once again but I'm not giving up. Tomorrow I start training again and looking forward to the day next year that I run the entire thing.

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